Rhythms of Dance Mission Statement

Mission & Values

Everything Rhythms of Dance Is built on.


We believe that Rhythm and Dance is inside all of us; just put your hand on your heart and feel the rhythm. We are dedicated to igniting that rhythm within and enriching your life with curiosity, creativity and confidence through the power of dance.


As dedicated professionals we are committed to dance and helping our clients reach their full potential.


What can you expect at Rhythms of Dance?

  • Expertise, great value and a fun atmosphere
  • Encouragement: Dance for every age from kindergarten to seniors
  • A full range of dance options from the casual social dancer, all the way up to World Champions.

    What can dance do for you? . . . It will . . .

  • Cultivate social development
  • Build confidence and self respect no matter what your age
  • Develop or expand new goals and dreams
  • Develop emotional exploration
  • Builds a desire for self improvement & self empowerment
  • Stimulate a feeling of youthfulness, keeping you young mentally and physically.

    For more information please Cindy or call: (403) 228-5765

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