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Competitive Pro-Am

All You Need To Know


If you are interested in competitive dancing, but don't have a partner, Pro-Am competition is a great option for you. Just like the TV show, "Dancing With the Stars", Rhythms of Dance offers men and women the opportunity to train and compete with a skilled and experienced Professional dancer in the Pro-Am division. Pro-Am competition is for ambitious, highly motivated individuals who want to succeed. Richard regularly competes with his amateur students and achieves first place marks.


Starting from Beginner all the way up to the Championship level, you will have the opportunity to compete against other amateur dancers across North America and around the world. The competition season is all year round, and we work closely with our students to design a competition and training schedule that best suits your needs. Together, we will set personal goals that are challenging, yet achievable, so that every Pro-Am competition is a success.


Age is not a factor. Whether you are 9 or 90, as long as you can and have the desire to dance, Pro-Am is an exciting option to consider!


So now its time to set some goals for your new or old dance hobby. Are you trying to become a better dancer?


Pro-Am Competitive Program

This is the way to become a better dancer (social or competitive):


  • work on technique, style and showmanship
  • set personal goals - for a season/for the year.


Nothing will improve your dance skills more than working with highly qualified dance instructors in private lessons. So, ask yourself.... Is it time:


  • for something new and exciting?
  • to push yourself a little more to become the dancer you really want to become and have dreamed about?


What have you got to lose? Try it out, call us; seriously committed and dedicated instructors, Richard & Cindy and ask them about Pro-Am or Couples today and get started!


For more information please Cindy or call: (403) 228-5765

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