Wedding First Dance Packages

Wedding Dance Packages

Package Pricing


"Rock Your Reception"
Wedding Group Classes Once A Week!

Great for the Wedding Couple, Parents, Wedding Party, or invited Guests etc to learn some social moves in Waltz, Foxtrot and Swing.. Learn to social dance some basics for the wedding reception or maybe even the honeymoon in these pre-set group sessions.

This is the most economical way to learn how to dance. Choose a 6 week session that works for you or maybe purchase two 6 week sessions to polish up those moves even more.

"The Notebook"
Do You Wanna Dance With Me?

10 Private Dance Lessons for the wedding couple. This is great if you want your very own choreography for your "First Dance" or just learn some basics in a few dance styles in private to get you moving around the dance floor.

That's How You Know!

5 Private Dance Lessons for the wedding couple plus a 6 Week Group Class. This is a great option to add another dance to your repotoire or maybe a way to add additional dance moves. Some music selections for "First Dances" may have a completely different rhythm and you may need to learn an additional dance.

Mystical & Romantic!

5 Private Dance Lessons for the wedding couple. Learn some social dance moves for your "First Dance" or just some basics in a dance of your choice to get you on the dance floor at the wedding. Then take your new-found skills on your honeymoon so you can dance the night away.

"Two Weeks Notice"
Didn't See It Coming!

3 Private Dance Lessons. Forgot to schedule in time to learn how to dance and now the wedding is coming up soon or maybe short on time". Learn a few basics to get you around the dance floor on your Wedding Day. This is for those who want to do more than just stand in one spot on the dance floor swaying back and forth. Bring us your song and let us get you both ready quickly!

"My Little Girl"
A Father & Daughter Moment!

2 Private Dance Lessons for the Bride and her Dad and/or maybe even the Groom and his Mom to make sure they look confident on the dance floor, creating a lasting wedding reception memory.

"An Affair to Remember"
Wedding Party Private Group Classes!

Spend a fun-filled hour with your wedding party, parents and friends learning some social moves for the reception night. Choose your dance to learn or we can help you choose. A great Gift Idea for your Wedding Party, would be a skill they can use for life, plus an evening of laughter to add to the fun of the event. NOTE: We can even come to you for this one! (e.g. home, hotel, restaurant, hall, etc.)

"Wedding March" Madness
Who Needs Traditional!

How about dancing down the aisle of the church, beach or park instead of a traditional walk? We can help you out with this too. Simple or more choreographed, call us for more information.

"Do It Yourself Package"
You Think It, We Teach It! - ( Call for more information )

If these packages don"t suit your needs"let"s come up with one that does. We schedule around your time and what you want; pick and choose privates and groups that work for you.


For more information please Cindy or call: (403) 228-5765